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Welcome to Quarantine Covers!!! 

I’ll be adding to this collection of songs so please check back weekly.

Everyone has personal reasons for the choices they are making during these challenging times. I have chosen to stay in quarantine so I can spend time with and help my elderly father. Hence, Quarantine Covers is born! 

Since I make my living as a musician, I find myself, like so many others, with my income wiped out. For that reason, I’m asking for donations for the download of these songs. However, if you can’t afford to donate, please take the songs for free.

During the pandemic, I’ve found that learning and playing new songs has helped me pass the time and forget my troubles. At home my recording capabilities are limited - I even had to borrow a computer to run the recording software. I hope you will enjoy the result and find some solace in these songs as I have.

Please stay tuned for more!!! 

All The Best,
Justin Sane